2 Business Podcasts That Will Change Your Entrepreneurial Game

One of the great pleasures of sticking around as long as I have is that you get to see some things finally turn out for the better.

Back in the day, trying to find any sort of useful audio content on business or marketing topics was a nightmare. At one end of the spectrum, you had a motley assortment of people selling Amway tapes. At the other, network buffoons competed furiously with each other to see who could shout the loudest nonsense about the latest currency crisis overseas. There was a lot of bluster, balderdash and plain old BS all along the line.

Podcasting has changed all that. In fact, I’m increasingly convinced that podcasts are an absolute gamechanger for any serious entrepreneur. The amount of quality, actionable content out there across all aspects of business is simply staggering.

Business podcasts have become a near obsession of mine recently and I wanted to use this quick post to give a special mention to the two I’ve gotten the most value from over the last twelve months.

If you haven’t yet started listening to either of these yet, get on board immediately. They both have hundreds of hours of evergreen, informative material you can start putting to use in your own business almost immediately.

The Tropical MBA
I like these guys’ style. They’re relatively young and brash – at least to this grizzled veteran’s ears – but there’s some old heads on those shoulders when they start talking business. And it’s not marketing fluff we’re dealing with here. Dan and Ian are taking a deep dive on the real nuts and bolts of real-world businesses every week.

The Critical Path
This one appeals strongly to the CEO in me. Horace Dediu is one of the most respected business analysts on the planet. He’s constantly asked to present to select C-level gatherings at blue-chip companies around the world. Having the opportunity to listen to him go long each week on a particular industry or market segment for free is one you’d have to be crazy to pass up. Put this at the top of your listening queue and prepare to have your entire conception of business significantly altered by a master at work.

I’m always on the hunt for new input when it comes to informing my business and marketing thinking. If you have any suggestions for business podcasts that have really blown you away, let me know about them in the comments!


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