An Unexpected Source for Business Advice

While a lot of people assume that the best resource for business advice would be the bigger websites owned by large content conglomerates and business “gurus.” Majority of business owners, both men and women, still go for a different source for business advice.

Who would’ve thought businessmen from all over the world would opt to turn towards government owned websites for business advice? In all honestly, I can’t blame them. Government websites should be a one-stop shop for people looking for business advice.

Forms, FAQs, Tips

The government holds various websites for different departments. For example, the government may have a website specifically created for people with disabilities who want to work or they may also have a small website for groups of people who want to start a small group business. These websites not only offer people a place where they can learn more about what they need to do but they also provide additional resource.

One good example is a government owned UK website for women who wants to start their own business. It contains all the necessary resources for women who might think of owning her own business. The best thing about the website is that it is not driven by “profit” and offers advice without biases.
So if you are looking for business advice, why not start to look at government owned websites for information? Not only can they give you un-biased advice, they can also provide you with all the necessary resources you might need to pursue your endeavor.


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